MSTC Special Events

We love both tennis and socializing, so all of our events aim to combine the best of both worlds!  

Here are a few of the MSTC Special Events:



St. Paul Pizza Mixers Scheduled monthly during the indoor tennis season, these events are among the most popular MSTC activities. The format is mixed doubles, and all levels are welcome. Sign up to play a half hour of tennis, then take a half-hour break for pizza and socializing.  Rinse and repeat!
Minnetonka and Reed Sweat Tennis Mixers Also held during the indoor season, Minnetonka/Reed Sweat tennis mixers feature mixed doubles tennis, and all levels are welcome.  Partners switch every 30 minutes, so you'll get to meet almost everyone!
Spring Tennis Clinics Once in a while MSTC offers tennis clinics, which can be a great way for beginners and intermediate players to learn tennis or to improve their games. Instructors are upper level players from MSTC who are committed to helping people enjoy playing tennis. MSTC membership isn't required for the clinics, but we hope non-member participants will want to join once they discover just how much fun tennis (and our club) can be.
Memorial Day Weekend Picnic and Tennis  Held the last couple years at Aquila Park for this fun social and tennis event. The first players start arriving at ten. It is a pot luck at noon and between, there is lots of tennis,
Labor Day Weekend Picnic and Tennis Most of our outdoor season ends in September and tennis goes indoors in October. But before that, there's a final outdoor event on Labor Day weekend. We loved this format on Memorial Day, so we're doing it again for Labor Day weekend. Enjoy a full day of drop-in tennis, socializing at Aquila Park.
New Years Day Tennis Mixer Bring a dish for the potluck dinner and join other Holiday 'orphans' for our annual tennis mixer… a guaranteed cure for hang-overs.

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